Top 3 Reasons to Delay Social Security Payments

For generations, retirees relied on three primary sources of income: company pension plans, personal savings, and Social Security. With only 16% of Fortune 500 companies now offering pensions to new employees and the average savings for soon-to-be retirees at only $163,577, there is a heavy reliance on Social Security payouts read more

4 Reasons to Collect Social Security at 62

Financial advisors typically recommend waiting to claim Social Security benefits, to maximize the monthly payout and provide a reliable source of income for the remainder of your life. Unlike savings, which may not last, Social Security acts as a lifetime annuity, adjusting for inflation. However, there are times, when claiming read more

4 Long-Term Financial Benefits of Working Longer

Setting a retirement date involves considerations for your life expectancy, your health, and the things you want to accomplish after your work life ends. You trade your primary source of income for more control over your time. While some workers want to end their career at the earliest possible date, read more

4 Free Things Offered at Your Local Library

When you think of a library, the first thing that comes to mind is the availability of hundreds of books you can check out for free. What you might not know is that libraries have greatly expanded their offerings and now provide an abundance of free or low-cost resources. Tax read more

Top Summer Jobs for Teachers

Most teachers receive pay on a nine-month schedule, leaving them in search of a way to bridge the financial gap during summer months. With the average starting teacher salary in the nation sitting at $36,141 and $56,383 for experienced instructors, many teachers look for summer work. Whether you are looking read more

Understanding the Distinction Between Good and Bad Debt

Borrowing money is an important element of financial management. With the high cost of many goods and services, you rely on access to credit to obtain the things you need, without having to save 100% of the cost ahead of time. You might use debt to pay for big-ticket items, read more

Knowing When to Use Secured and Unsecured Debt

Loans have different characteristics, which impact the rate, the length of repayment, and overall loan costs. One of the key factors impacting loan qualification and pricing is whether the loan is secured by collateral. Here are the key things you need to know about secured and unsecured debt and when read more

Five Signs You Owe Too Much

In 2017, credit card debt balances grew to $931 billion, a 7% increase from 2016. On average, American households owe a balance of $15,983 toward credit card debt and $133,568 when including mortgages. With consumer debt continually growing, you might begin to question how much debt you can effectively manage. read more

How Much Can You Really Save By Converting to Energy Efficient Lights

Energy Efficient Lighting has both environmental benefits and cost savings. However, with the higher initial costs, many want to know if you can achieve the savings promised. Light bulbs come in three basic types, incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescents (CFL), and LED lights. Incandescent options are the least expensive, cost the read more